Luchesa buys only high quality timber and during processing rejects any piece that does not represent the highest level of physical and aesthetic quality. This, in addition to correct drying, confers an exclusive guarantee on Luchesa products.
Design, choice of timber and particularly careful processing are the elements that contribute to giving the Luchesa doors and windows the highest quality level. This is also confirmed by analyses made by specialised European Institutes.
Just as a good tailor takes our measures, selects the cloth and colour and last crafts our suit, offering us a refined elegance, so does Luchesa offer the customer, with care in design, timber selection, construction and installation of the window, a product of class that personalises any home.

Under these premises, “Luchesa” integrates with perfect harmony into the natural environment.
Luchesa designs and builds custom windows and doors, with various geometrical forms and various wood essences and colours. With this production versatility Luchesa can offer strong answers to the design needs of architects and engineers, with special attention to: residential and multi-function centres, sports arenas, exclusive dwellings, hotels and banks.