Isola Plus

ASSEMBLY with glues to norm UNI EN 204-04.

MAIN FRAME 3-rabbet profiles section 72 x 85 mm with rounded edges.

OPENING SASHES 3-rabbet profiles section 72 x 85 mm, with rounded edges, lower crossbar with weep holes at the drip bar to drain any condensate from the glazing, including the beads.

INSULATION water and air sealing. Guaranteed by two EPDM heat/noise gaskets, welded at the corners and inserted in the main frame.

DRIP BAR with heat barrier in aluminium and polyamide, with plastic terminals (can be covered in wood).

HARDWARE New generation hardware with 13 mm offset, hardware axis shifted towards the middle of the profile to increase the stability of the strike plate fastenings. This system ensures the window has greater resistance to pulling-out and burglary and that maintenance is simple and reduced.

air permeability
UNI EN 1026 (2001)
Class 4 (highest class)

water seal
UNI EN 1027 (2001)
Class E 1350 (beyond highest class)

wind resistance
UNI EN 12211 (2001)
Class C5 (highest class)

heat transmittance*
UNI EN ISP 10077-1 (2007)
Uw = 1.04 W/m2K

*Calculated on a single-sash window size 1230 x 1480 mm with glazing Ug = 0.7 W/m2K

Drawings and sections