The value of a
Luchesa window


The tests carried out at CERT, the Treviso Centre for Certification and Testing by Treviso Tecnologia, with SINAL accreditation, have shown optimum results for all verification parameters.

Heat insulation

Optimum heat insulation obtained using multiple glazing with overall thickness up to 50 mm, also arranged for application of manual or motorised sun blinds.
Designed for energy saving, the Luchesa window guarantees values corresponding to CasaClima (ClimateHouse) standards.

CasaClima Categories

Parameters taken from CasaClima standards (
The CasaClima objective is to combine savings, well-being and sustainability.
CasaClima categories allow identification of the level of energy demand of a building.
Types are CasaClima Gold, CasaClima A and CasaClima B.
The lowest level of energy demand is guaranteed by CasaClima Gold, needing 10 kWh per square metre per year, which can be ensured in practice even without an active heating system. CasaClima Gold is also called “one-litre home”, because for each square metre just one litre of heating oil or one cubic metre of natural gas are needed per year.
Homes with a heat demand lower than 30 kWh/m² a year are classified as CasaClima A, the so-called 3 litre home, as needing 3 litres of heating oil or 3 m³ of gas per m²/year.
CasaClima B, on the other hand, is a building that needs less than 50 kWh/m² a year.
This is called a “5-litre home”, as the energy demand implies the use of 5 litres of oil or 5 m³ of gas per square metre per year. .


With the windows closed, aeration is possible using manual or motorised devices; windows can also be left ajar, if fitted with specific hardware.

Acoustic insulation

Excellent acoustic insulation, guaranteed by the use of 2-4 EPDM gaskets and by the possibility of multiple glazing with up to 50 mm thickness.

Elimination of condensation

The lower crossbar, provided with an aluminium drip, an ample expansion chamber and rubber terminals, guarantees complete elimination of water and avoids any standing water in contact with the wood. Rapid water drainage is ensured by weep holes in the aluminium drip bar and by the 30° angle of the glazing beads. Further, along the perimeter of the glazing seat there is a slot with weep holes in correspondence of the drip bar, to avoid any condensation even in the presence of rapid temperature change.

Burglar-proof systems

The Luchesa window can be provided with burglar-proof systems. Within the appropriate regulations, Luchesa proposes a system that can satisfy various safety level classes, offering protection with the use of specific hardware and/or with electronic control.

Materials used, finishings

Solid wood, dried to humidity 12%, types hemlock and Douglas; glulam wood, humidity 12%, species deal, oak, pine and larch. Wood treatment using three coats of water-based products:
- impregnation
- primer
- finish
with a 5-year guarantee and the possibility of extending the guarantee to 12 years under a maintenance contract.
Light or dark walnut, natural, white pine. Other colours from the RAL series, obtained using exclusively water-soluble paints.

Treatment, cleaning and safety in use

The use of water-repellent impregnation and the complete absence of sharp edges allow easy cleaning.

The hardware (guaranteed by the manufacturer for ten years when maintenance rules are observed) is designed to avoid any incorrect operation, and avoids any unhinging.


Simple-to-register hardware, easily restorable coatings and the use of widely available component materials (glazing and seals) allow for a rapid solution to every problem.