Sliding Window Isola Hs

Luchesa designs and builds customized WOODEN SLIDING DOORS of various forms and various wood types, composed of solid or glulam triple-layer frames or profiles coated with various types of wood veneer.

Surface treatment is carried out with the use of quality water-based products and a wide range of wood or RAL colours. This production versatility can offer concrete solutions to the design requests of architects and engineers and can satisfy any market demand, as shown in the summary of our catalogue.

ASSEMBLY with glues to norm UNI EN 204-04.

MAIN FRAME profiles section 56 x 164 mm, with rounded edges.

OPENING SASHES 3-rabbet profiles section 68 x 90 mm, with rounded edges, lower crossbar with weep-holes at the drip bar to drain any condensate from the glazing, including the glazing beads.

INSULATIONHeat and noise insulation, water and air sealing, guaranteed by two EPDM heat/noise gaskets inserted on the opening sashes.

WINDOW SILL with heat barrier in aluminium and polyamide, plastic terminals.

HARDWARE sliding on track, allowing effortless opening and closure, very easy and comfortable. Various types of window sill are available to solve problems of through passage, according to applicable standards.

air permeability
UNI EN 1026 (2001)
Class 4 (highest class)

water seal
UNI EN 1027 (2001)
Class 1A

wind resistance
UNI EN 12211 (2001)
Class C3

heat transmittance*
UNI EN ISP 10077-1 (2007)
Uw = 1.05 W/m2K

*Calculated on a double French window size 2500 x 2300 mm with glazing
Ug = 0.7 W/m2K

Drawings and sections